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Wanping Theater is a comprehensive and traditional professional opera theatre in Shanghai. The building concept is derived from the Folding Fan in Chinese opera, which could express an elegant appearance while showing the unique temperament of Chinese culture. The lighting design strategy is based on the concept, which has been proposed to express the shape and texture of the facade, meanwhile it also led the lighting principle to the interior.

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The Union Church

The Union Church was founded in 1886, located closely to the Bund in Shanghai. It hasn't been properly reused for many years until 2021, and it will be transformed into a music performance space. The aim of lighting design is to create a small and beautiful spiritual space meeting the need of performing. The functional light is used to create a uniform and comfortable lighting environment and meet the needs of the stage lighting at the same time. The main pendant light is a ‘creative highlight’, combining both the lighting and acoustic requirements.

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The Capsule lighting system is a collection of home lighting elements. Capsule is a re-configurable and versatile lighting solution that focuses on three primary pillars of current needs: productivity, entertainment, and ambience. It employs a one of a kind pressure fit attachment feature that allows the primary lighting module to be reoriented and paired with various base modules to create unique archetypes. Capsule can be used as a desk lamp, an entertainment mood light, or a hanging ceiling lamp in your house.

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When the Hat Lamp is turned on, it is as if the sunlight illuminates the silhouette through the invisible blinds. It allows users to touch the warm memories in the subconscious, as if they are in a warm living room, so they can become calm and enjoy the good time of the moment. When the user wants to change the moment of sunshine, he just needs to change the hat. The Hat Lamp is not only elegant in shape, the square base and round hat also represent Yin and Yang in Chinese culture respectively, forming a state of the sky is round and the earth is square.

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CRAWL LAMP is a unique contemporary desk lamp. Base and shade design has its striking feature which combines simplicity and geometric form . It has a 4 legged base instead of using traditional round or square bases. Shades has an elegant appearance as well as graceful sloping cut out from its mouth with energy-efficient 5W LED bulb. Shade is adjustable from left to right, or, from upward to downward direction with a maximum of 180 degrees & 120 degrees rotation, respectively. Main switch has 2USB port as additional functionality.

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Nuo’ pendant consist of two materials, made from rattan strips base and stem of banana trees that are environmentally friendly material and can be parsed again. This material processed with a particular method so that this material is very beautiful, flexible, and strong. After going through a careful process of finishing, it will be formed products of high artistic merit. The result, ‘Nuo’ has a unique beauty and simplicity in the finished pendant form, reflecting the traditional skills and the unique allure of material fashioned by human hands.

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